Sunday, May 1, 2011

Methods Spectators Have Already Guessed

1. Levitation. "There's a string!"

2. Coin Vanish. "It's up your sleeve!" or "It's in your other hand!"

3. Ambitious Card. "There's two cards there!" and "You just did a double flip!"

4. A Multiple Outs Effect. "Well, you had a one in three chance of getting it!"

5. Thought-of Card Effect. "That's just gotta be the one card EVERYONE thinks of!"

6. Memorized Deck. "That deck is just in Si Stebbins, and all you did was a couple of false shuffles and cuts, then when I picked a card and put it back you just looked for the one card that was displaced from it's usual position from the stack. So OBVIOUS!... Then again, maybe it's in Aronson Stack, I didn't get a good enough look."