Monday, March 14, 2011

The Re-Charge Phase

I haven't been posting often. Why, you ask? Two reasons... Firstly, I have a life. And, secondly, I'm in my "re-charge" phase.

You know how you can love a band's music for the longest time, then suddenly grow sick and tired of it and stop listening to it? But, a few months later, you pick it up again and it sounds just as great as it did before? Yeah, that's me right now. Only not with music, with magic.

I figure I've been working hard for 10 years on this stuff and I need and deserve a break. I put down the pasteboards for a while, ever since the beginning of February really, and haven't picked them up since. When will I get back in the game? Hard to tell. All I know is that I'm going to pitch myself to some restaurants in the next week or two and hopefully land a table-hopping gig. At that point, I'll be back full-force. Until then, I consider this a much-needed break.

I've done a lot in this break. I directed my first ever play... one I wrote in fact. Ended up landing the show in the Sear Ontario Drama Festival, had an excellent premiere performance, and ended up winning The Award of Excellence for my Writing and Direction. Also been frequently attending rehearsals for the musical Grease, which I have the good fortune of being in the cast of, as well as working with my high school's amazing Glee Club, belting out the tenor section of our four-part harmonies on a constant basis. So yeah, I've been a busy bee.

Magic's not dead to me. Just gotta re-charge those batteries. Then I'll be back studying, practicing, and generally getting pissed off at the ignorance of some people in our community.